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Monday 31 January 2022

Glassmakers' Fall / $2.00

Glassmakers' Fall
Publisher: Loreshaper Games
… And it came to pass in those days that the gods grew weary. The iniquities of humanity exceeded their patience, so they withdrew their grace from all of us and let the dead walk among the living.

Glassmakers' Fall is an apocalyptic fantasy game I made to tie into my serial novel Aspects of Sand.

It's a zombie apocalypse set in an ancient fantasy world, where the gods and mortals have been torn apart by the practice of dark magic.

The player characters are survivors trying to do what they can in the aftermath. Their goals may vary; perhaps they just want to find a safe place to ride out the end of the world, or maybe they seek to undo the curse the gods let fall on the land.

Either way, they face challenges from all corners: the undead are a lethal threat to the unwary, bandits and brigands take full advantage of the fall of the king's law, and even finding the necessities to survive in the deserts of Ehlil can be a test of its own.

System: Homebrew (custom d12-centered system)

Type: Stand-alone game

Genre: Storytelling. Fantasy, zombie apocalypse, horror (optional)

Mechanics: Light.

Intended Players: Game Master + 2-4 players.

Supplies needed: ~3 twelve-sided dice per player.

Setup time: 10-40 minutes

Session time: 2-3 hours

License: All Rights Reserved

Page Count: 14 (cover + 13)

Glassmakers' FallPrice: $2.00

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