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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Empire of Ash (First Release)

Empire of Ash (First Release):

Empire of Ash (First Release)
Publisher: EoA team

Roleplay in a world of the aberrant and bizarre!

Empire of Ash is set in a decaying society faced with the unknown. Factories powered by lobotomized magic users feed the Autocracy, a sprawling totalitarian state. Players take the role of expendable "Vanguards". These brave men and women are used as a stopgap effort to stem the tide of everything that is not real.

Mechanics focus on depth rather than breadth. 3d6 engine that gives solid mechanical bonuses to smart players. It's easy to pick up and explain. Attributes are presented simply but allow for customization and modification in game.

GMs will have an easy time improvising any unplanned scene without having to bend the rules.

Enjoy and let us know what you think at empireofashteam@gmail.com

Follow our Twitter @empireofashgame

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Price: $5.00

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