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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Raising Azazel

Raising Azazel:

Raising Azazel
Publisher: PPM

Raising Azazel was written as part of the 2018 NaGaDeMon, that is National Game Design Month. The NaGaDeMon challenge says that a game should be written and played during a single month, November. This game was written between 1st and 27th of November 2018. It has been playtested by a total of 1 person, namely me.

As the game was written in a single month there has been virtually no editing or even proof reading. I apologise in advance for errors and ommissions.


The core system used in Raising Azazel is FUDGE. This game has taken just a small amount of the FUDGE rules to create a basic role playing game. If you like the game then let me know and I will look at the game again, edit, reorganise, improve and expand it.

Raising Azazel is a role-playing game in which each player has become entangled in the web of a globe spanning conspiracy with demonic overtones. Also, by chance, each player character also happens to be a direct descendant of one of Charlemagne’s twelve paladins.

Raising Azazel is a ‘tethered sandbox’ game. In a traditional sandbox the Game Master creates the world and the different factions within it and the characters can do anything and go anywhere and write their own stories. Raising Azazel the players can do that but at the same time their fate is forever entwined with a central plot. If the characters choose to ignore the plot then eventually the plot will come to find them.

Price: $1.00

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