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Monday, 12 November 2018

Sugar Maple Hemlock

Sugar Maple Hemlock:

Sugar Maple Hemlock
Publisher: Beeple Games

Sugar Maple Hemlock is a setting and scenario for a noir thriller roleplaying game.

The sleepy town of Morren has recently experienced a spate of missing persons cases, and the Vermont Bureau of Criminal Investigations has brought in a special detectives unit to investigate two of the most recent disappearances.

Caught between the blight of the opioid epidemic and a self-help group with ominous intentions, the detectives must uncover the truth in a community where everybody wants something.

Sugar Maple Hemlock can be played using any roleplaying system designed for contemporary settings with a focus on mystery, horror or the occult.  The book also contains a simple set of rules so that it can be played as a stand-alone experience.

This game is intended for mature audiences only.

Price: $9.99

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