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Friday, 30 November 2018

The Underwater People

The Underwater People:

The Underwater People
Publisher: Bully Pulpit Games

The Pitch

The Underwater People is a gently funny and melancholy game about outsiders forced to assimilate.

You play people who really ought to live underwater but are, instead, selling real estate and wireless plans in suburban Atlanta. So you are a princess of Atlantis, or a swamp monster, or a siren, literally a fish out of water in the dry world, and the people you meet at a Day's Inn conference room once a month are solace and reminder.

This requires for 4-10 players, including one player/facilitator and about 2 hours.

The Underwater People

For the first time, a group of underwater people are getting together to meet, share their lives, and commiserate about life out of water. Secret gill-men, naiads, barnacle lords, fish-women, and the people who love them all meet in their reluctantly adopted hometown far from the sea, all glad for some understanding and companionship in a dry, difficult world full of secrets and hardship. Maybe if things go well this can be a monthly thing.

What's Included?

A 30-page PDF, including facilitator instructions and character cards.


Comment here, or get in touch with us at info@bullypulpitgames.com.

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Thank you to our supporters on Drip for making this game possible.

Price: $8.00

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