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Tuesday 11 December 2018



Publisher: Channel M Publishing

Long ago, we started a licensed project based on a show about a certain last Avatar. The Projected was cut and we were left in an odd predicament with a beta draft game, money spent on our part.

We really loved playing this game ourselves.

Thankfully our staffer Kelly decided to take out all the licensed stuff,  add some name changes and hand this off for PDF publishing only.

AVAMENTAL- os a game that needs no introduction and is a supplement for the rest of our games.  In a world a lot like Asia, heroes who can control their chi, the elements and more recover from a near world-ending war.
Rules DDF (Drama Dice Fantasy)

Notes: Rough Copy, Never officially finished. Just trying to get some of our investment back.  But don't worry, It's still awesome.

We're testing the waters here if people like it we might invest more into it

Price: $5.00

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