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Thursday 13 December 2018



Publisher: The Goat 's Head

This realm is a wild one.

Tall forests of pine grow on rugged mountain-sides,
carved and split by deep fjords and wide lakes. This
is a land where the gods might still be found, and
the magic of the world has not yet quite gone out.
Giants wander, spirits haunt, and wolves howl in
the night-time.

You have a chance to become a hero. Your mother
was a wild warrior: tall and broad and able to best
any in her path. Her father before her had a great
mane of hair and claws the size of knives. His mother
before him was a true bear: a beast of raw power and
brutality, utterly unstoppable. This is your legacy: it
is their blood that runs in your veins, and it is this
blood that determines your fate.

In Bloodline, you play not as a single character, but rather as successive generations of characters: a line of heroes, united by family - united by the shared blood that runs through all of their veins. Your first character defines the direction of your family story, but your tale does not end there. In fact, your story does not even start with your first character but rather with their ancestors.

Over the course of a saga of Bloodline, your first character will die  - and your second and your third and likely many more. Once your character dies, however, the game is by no means over! Now, rather than playing as your original character, you play as their descendant: your first character had children at some point in their life, and you are one of those children. Over time, your saga might stretch over the course of a dozen or more generations spanning hundreds of years, bound together solely by the power of the Bloodline.

This realm is a wild one - and one that will only grow wilder.

Price: $5.00

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