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Friday, 21 December 2018

Delve - Second Edition

Delve - Second Edition:

Delve  - Second Edition
Publisher: FeralGamersInc

Welcome to Delve

You awaken on a beach surrounded by the debris from a wrecked ship, you are not alone as others seem to be also awakening from their ordeal. You had no time to pack and all you have is what is in your pockets or what you can find amongst the wreckage. This begins your adventures on the island of Cragbarren.

Delve is a fantasy RPG of discovery and adventure, you are on a lost island with no way to leave. The island is filled with dungeons, ruined cities, old caves, mad mages and monsters, with a lot of opportunity for an awesome GM to create their own.

This book has everything you need to play:

Both quick and advanced Character Creation.
Rules for lighting and fighting your way across Cragbarren
The town of Wreck Haven
The City of Stench
Gear and Equipment including crafting rules.
Magic spells
And much more.

So grab a sword and some friends and go seek your fortune or just some adventure on the island of Cragbarren.

Price: $12.99

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