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Friday, 28 December 2018

Segira: 1985

Segira: 1985:

Segira: 1985
Publisher: Loreshaper Games

War. We need only say the word, and they will know. It is timeless, eternal. Our struggle is not one for Segira, but for our souls. If we do not fight—if we do not stand now against the foreigners and traitors—we will lose more than just our lives.

In 1984, Segira's constitutional monarchy dissolved during a coup. The royal palace was assaulted and most of the royal family is missing or dead. Located in a strategically significant location on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, it has become a proxy battleground for the Cold War.

Set in an alternate history Cold War, Segira: 1985 is based on our Hammercalled Roleplaying Game ruleset, which allows for very fast play and a focus on storytelling without sacrificing detail.

By using a blackjack-like d100 roll, the game allows players to very rapidly resolve actions and determine a degree of success without letting the dice get in the way of storytelling.

System: Hammercalled Roleplaying Game

Type: Stand-alone game

Genre: Military, Alternative History

Mechanics: 1d100 with emphasis on rapid play

Intended Players: Game Master + 3-6 players.

Supplies needed: Percentile dice, character sheets.

Setup time: 30-45 minutes

Session time: 2-3 hours

License: Tabletop Attribution License

Included Bonuses: Form-fillable character sheets, regular character sheets, example characters.

Last Updated: December 28, 2018

Price: $0.00

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