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Friday 11 January 2019



Publisher: Gildor Games

In space, there's nowhere to run...

A crew of researchers on a remote space station awaken in new bodies to discover that two weeks of their lives are missing. Time is running out as they must find out what happened to their previous selves--and deal with a looming threat.

Continuity is the classic scenario that launched Eclipse Phase, the roleplaying game of transhuman conspiracy and horror.

“An unholy and brilliantly-executed alliance of Altered Carbon, Alien and The Thing."

“Easily the highlight of that year’s Gen Con.”

This new version of Continuity expands on the original and adapts it to the ELEMENTAL game system, making it playable as a standalone, unforgettable one-shot. It contains eight pre-generated characters and an introduction to the incredible world of Eclipse Phase.

ELEMENTAL is a remarkably fast and flexible RPG for any character, any setting, any story. Go to the Gildor Games main page to see the expanding line of ELEMENTAL products. The Complete Guide (on sale until Sunday!) gives you everything you need to play, and the Discovery Guide lets you check out the game and even try it for free.

For more information about Eclipse Phase, please visit the Posthuman Studios page.

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