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Thursday 21 February 2019

Loving Fiercely: Good Friends Edition

Loving Fiercely: Good Friends Edition:

Loving Fiercely: Good Friends Edition
Publisher: Ryan Macklin

Four relationship-bonding ritual activities for emotional intimacy and healing

  • Holding Hard Healing Spaces: a ritual for working out difficult conflicts and affirming wanting to be in each other's lives
  • Emotional Bandaging: a ritual for guiding one another through emotional pain and wounds
  • Emotional Quilting: a ritual for comforting one another and enjoying each other's presence 
  • Relationship AMA: some questions and thoughts for playing Ask Me Anything tennis
This booklet is free because we want to promote love and healing. If you find this adds to your life, we hope you'll donate to a charity that speaks to your heart. Two charities that speak to our hearts are WEAVE in Sacramento and Red Door in Toronto.

(This edition doesn't have references to flirting or sexy stuff. The original one does.)

Price: $0.00

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