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Friday, 22 February 2019

Shields Of Power Core Rulebook

Shields Of Power Core Rulebook:

Shields Of Power Core Rulebook
Publisher: D A Nichols, Shieilds of Power

Welcome to the World of Shields of Power™

Before there was Shield World, scholars say there was another world. The bards sing songs of the long ago ‘Ancient Times.’  Some say it was a better world. Some say it was worse. Some just say that it was bigger, faster and more complex. But they agree that in the Ancient Times the peoples became so obsessed with themselves and the material things of their world that they moved blindly forward in their search for more and bigger and better ways to get those things. Finally, their machinations progressed beyond the point of no return. The people of the Ancient Times destroyed themselves in a great cataclysm of fire and death. After the Great Fire there came a long time of darkness lasting years beyond count. Eventually, out of the darkness and chaos, the light reappeared and the natural world began to restore itself. Out of this rebirth came the beginnings of new life and the peoples that evolved into what we know today as Shield World.

Shield World is based on a regenerated earth that has restored itself to a more natural state. In this world reborn you will find a variety of humanoid races such as Dwarves, Elves, Leprechauns, Goblins, Trolls, Gnomes and Dragon-Men as well as Humans. Characters receive training from a number of Power Guilds including Fighters, Rangers, Wizards, Illusionists, Druids, Priests and Monks to name a few. But you will also find anachronistic elements and echoes of race memories of the Ancient Times. As you go along you will find histories and legends interspersed with the rules of play to help you get the feel of the world as it exists in the time of Shields of Power™ and maps of Shield World with listings of the main cities and towns known to exist there.

The Game

This is a fairly simple, but detailed, Fantasy Role Playing Game in the style of good, old school gaming. It is based on a percentage dice roll system and includes a detailed combat system which allows the strength of the attack to be figured into the outcome. It also gives an extremely complete system for random character generation and offers many options for players to choose from regarding racial types and training.

In this rulebook you will find:

  • Rules for Character Generation
  • Detailed Combat Mechanics
  • Weapons and Equipment Lists – including Race and Guild Specific Weapons
  • Shield Artwork for the Player’s Use
  • Rules for Creating Adversaries
  • Information on being a Game Master and Creating Scenarios
  • Player information on Role Playing in general AND
  • A simple, short adventure called Gold Quest which is not intended to be highly challenging or extremely complex, but rather is there to help you as a player and/or Game Master get the feel of the game mechanics before you leap headlong into a complicated (and possibly frustrating) campaign.
So get out the pencils, paper, dice and calculator

and have some good old fashioned fun!

Price: $15.00

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