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Tuesday, 28 May 2019



Publisher: Mottokrosh Machinations

Hypertellurians is an easy to pick up roleplaying game that is fast and simple to play, while providing a ton of depth for engaging character development and story.

Table of contents


The players portray the Hypertellurians: adventuring the length and breadth of the Ultracosm, in retro science fantasy style. Take control of one of six archetypes, and choose or create a unique concept by layering on fun, inventive, and story-driving powers.

Key principles

Who is it for?

Try Hypertellurians if you like:

  • fast and daring gameplay,
  • quick character generation,
  • compelling character powers,
  • natural language rules,
  • and science fantasy adventures in the future of old!
Excerpt from the Royal

Use with modern and old RPG adventure modules

Hypertellurians is a stand-alone roleplaying game system, but it is compatible enough with most old and modern fantasy adventure games for the GM to convert modules from those systems on the fly.

How to play the game

Lots of art

Enjoy this lavishly illustrated tome, redolent with adventure, and play as cursed shapeshifter, the walking dead, a pilot from a different time, a galvanic war machine, a bratty princess, an excitable half pony, an alien color, or so much more.

Tips for players

Play aids

Includes valuable tips for players and GMs, a 1-spread rules summary, and a choice of 3 character sheets.

Price: $9.99

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