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Friday, 31 May 2019

Gen-Cell System (™) Quickstart Rules

Gen-Cell System (™) Quickstart Rules:

Gen-Cell System (™) Quickstart Rules
Publisher: Antagonist Games, Inc.

The Antagonist Games Gen-Cell System Quickstart rules are a rules-lite version of the Gen-Cell System (™) that are currently being used to demo the game at conventions. The rules are simple and sleek and will give you enough of a peek at the structure of the system in order for you to get a grasp of what to look for in the upcoming full versions of the game.

A quick description of this system is that it is modular and scalable. It can be used for quick tabletop games, dungeon crawl board games, collectible card RPGs, tabletop warfare /skirmish games, chat room RPGs, computer games, mostly anything you want.

It's scalable in that your game can use the simpler Basic System one night for a dungeon crawl and then the Advanced System then next night to add flavorful complexity to the campaign.

You can play with one of our official settings, which are full of history and unique abilities and breeds that aren't available in the basic systems, or you can purchase Cell-Packs to construct your own unique world.

With the Gen-Cell System and framework, there is no stopping you. Our main goal is to not only to provide a product line but to build and support our community with tools, workshops, official hosts to run games across the globe, and technologies to bring it all together. We aspire to give you the quality products to allow you to bring out the adventurer in anyone.

Price: $1.00

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