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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Afterverse Quickstart Rules

Afterverse Quickstart Rules:

Afterverse Quickstart Rules
Publisher: Afterverse

Welcome to the universe. Here's what comes next.

This abridged rule set will allow you to get a taste for the Afterverse game system and be ready to join a game. The Quickstart rules explain:

  • The D6 Bank system. All skill checks are tested by rolling (ATTRIBUTE + SKILL + modifiers) dice and counting up the 5s and 6s; many tests will have you bank these hits to spend over time, including the Initiative system.
  • Attributes. Afterverse has 9 standard attributes divided into 3 categories (Physical, Mental, Social), in addition to one special attribute....
  • Chutzpah. This stat that allows you to exercise certain meta powers over the game, such as Take Two and Retcon.
  • Skills: Afterverse has 14 skills, described in this guide. Additionally, there are hundreds of skill specializations in the core book to add flavor to your character's skill set.
  • Combat: Initiative in combat is treated as a hit bank, requiring you to spend IP to perform actions or evade. The system supports multiple actions per round and suppressive fire in a smooth and natural manner.
If you're interested in this game, check out the full sourcebook, also available here. The full sourcebook includes (in addition to more detailed explanations of these rules) space combat, a full history from 2050 through 2140, worlds, cultures, ships, and more.

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