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Wednesday 31 July 2019

Quick! Act Human!

Quick! Act Human!:

Quick! Act Human!
Publisher: Leigh Carrthulhu

A comedic co-operative one page role playing game for three or more players.

You are an alien specializing in Advanced Human Studies. An important secret mission has been assigned to your team by your Grand Alien Superior. Failure is not an option.

Each member of your team is to be teleported inside an individual Human on planet Earth. Once on Earth you will receive your mission orders. It is imperative you blend in with the planet’s inhabitants. Any suspicious activity may mean you encounter nearby hostile humans who wear black suits. They seem to extremely dislike Aliens and will try to capture or kill you.

Your team is given a small teleportation device which can only be used to bring you back to the mother ship once you have fulfilled your mission objectives.

Good luck!

You and your team are beamed down to Earth, but there is something wrong with the teleportation machine... There is always something wrong with the teleportation machine.

Your entire team is beamed inside the same human host! Your mission objectives have just been received! There are humans looking in your direction! You all internally fight and scrabble to manoeuvre your human host’s body!

Quick! Act Human!

People Who Said Stuff*“First there was the Earth then the rise of mankind and now mankind’s greatest achievement... Quick! Act Human!
-Sascha Karner, Co-creator of Quick! Act Human!

“Please buy this game. I’m told it’s very good. Three stars out of five.”
- Leigh’s mother

“No, you can’t quote me for your game.”
-Steve Jackson, Sandy Petersen and Klaus-Jurgen Wrede

“Of COURSE we test played it... Stop asking that”
-Leigh Carr, Co-creator of Quick! Act Human!
"I LITERALLY designed this in powerpoint."
-Leigh Carr, Co-creator of Quick! Act Human!

*They may not have actually said any of that.

Price: $0.00

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