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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Dream Station $7.00

Dream Station:

Dream Station
Publisher: Mousehole Press

DREAM STATION gives us airlocks and control panels, pensive faces looking out into the cosmos, improvised fixes for critical systems, military-sponsored subterfuge, warm embraces in the cold vacuum, frantic struggles in zero-gravity and unknowable ancient technology, asking “what do you do next?”

Imagine an all-consuming interstellar war, spread across a vast galaxy and involving trillions of willing and conscripted participants.

Then, imagine a lone space station, floating in the cosmos, that is somehow set apart from this conflict

Through significant effort and fortuitous circumstance this place has remained peaceful and unaffiliated, providing a sanctuary for the lovers and thinkers who refuse to side with the two warring powers

In DREAM STATION you play a core member of this space station community, responsible for a crucial aspect of its continued operation. As a group, you will bargain and gossip, analyse and manage, love and celebrate, struggle and fight, lead the rest of the community and shape its future.

You'll collaboratively generate an isolated space station within a galaxy-spanning setting.

You'll throw things into disarray by introducing challenges and threats to your station's precarious peace and neutrality.

 You'll play together to find out what happens.

For 3-6 players across 3-4 hours.

A game of BELONGING OUTSIDE BELONGING inspired by the wonderful Dream Askew by Avery Alder

content warnings: violence, criminal enterprise, loneliness, social manipulation, alcohol & drugs, undercover identity
Price: $7.00

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