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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Duermar: A GM's Guide $7.75

Duermar: A GM's Guide:

Duermar: A GM's Guide
Publisher: Corrupt Confidant Gaming

Welcome to Duermar, a fantasy-horror setting written & designed for Open Legend! Enter a region populated by Gnomes & Humans, which has started to crumble after a mysterious plague, called "the Corruption", has taken over the region & has been driving people into madness. Along with the madness came the transformations of Humans, who are starting to grow into their worst fears, & Gnomes losing control over their primal magic, causing Wild Magic effects.

This book contains everything a GM needs to know to be able to create a unique character for this setting, including:

  • Guidelines on how to run campaigns in the setting of Duermar
  • Guidelines on how to use the Sanity & Insanity mechanics
  • Advice & optional rules to export Sanity & Insanity to other settings
  • A deep dive into the mythology of Duermar & the causes of the Corruption
  • Over 30 adventuring ideas & plot hooks to create campaigns around
  • Over 20 different statblocks of monsters & NPCs from the region of Duermar
  • A look at Duermar's neighbouring nations & an overview of the continent of Frall
Enter Duermar, join the madness & become part of the fun!

Price: $7.75

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