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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Super Mission Force 2nd Ed. $9.95

Super Mission Force 2nd Ed.:

Super Mission Force 2nd Ed.
Publisher: Four-Color Studios

Super Mission Force 2nd Ed. is the Goalsystem game of fast and fun superhero action! Featuring easy character creation, quick action, and our famous henchmen rules, Super Mission Force lets you play out superhero action using any miniatures from your collection. Written for 28mm figures, but easily scalable to 15mm action, the rules also offer a campaign system that faithfully captures comic book tales and battles and allows players to tell great stories on the their tabletops. This revised edition features new archetypes, powers, and extra material. Gather some friends, a few figures, and a handful of six-sided dice! Super Mission Force action awaits!

Price: $9.95

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