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Thursday 31 October 2019

Final Lap (free version) $0.00

Final Lap (free version):

Final Lap (free version)
Publisher: Gulix

This is the free version of Final Lap. The full version is available here.

Here we are! Grand Rapid Falls! The last race of an exhausting season of the Tour! The crazy, fast and dangerous races of recent months have been exciting to follow, but this race is the most beautiful, the most prestigious. Whoever wins it will be crowned Tour Champion!

This season, the Champion crushed the competition and won all the events. But her challengers all want to take her place in this final stage!

3.2.1. Let's go! The race is on! But don't forget that these drivers have had some great moments all season long (relive them on our dedicated channel!) and the final victory may not be the goal of all of them! The sidelines of the track, failures and successes, their relationships with other runners will impact their performance.

Will the Champion win the race? What impression will these Pilots leave? Who will we see again on the Tour? Who won't finish the race? All these answers (and more) in our live stream!

Final Lap is a role-playing game for 2 or more players (although it is possible to play it alone). Based on Alex Roberts' game For the Queen, and therefore Descended from the Queen, it takes the form of a deck of cards, which we'll draw as the game progresses. They'll help us create our story.


In addition to the deck of cards, we don't need anything but our imagination. A game lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the number of cards we use.

The rules of the game are written on the "Instructions" cards, which are revealed and read at the beginning of the game, and which explain us how to play.

Final Lap explores the world of racing and competition. We play the role of drivers in the last race of the season. The race that will determine the overall winner of the season. The Champion won everything this season and is the favourite. But we are her challengers and have an opportunity to beat her in this final lap.

During the game, we will be narrating live scenes, in the middle of the race as we approach the final lap. But we will also tell flashbacks about our past and what happened in previous races, between races or even before we entered the Tour. We will explore the relationships between Pilots and with the Champion.

Final Lap is available in a light version on the For The Drama platform. You can play online with a version that offers a single ending where the Champion is sure to win.  You can also use the platform to discover the game's questions and quickly try out the game.

The full game includes 9 game settings with different atmospheres:

  • Destruction Derby on tracks of all kinds
  • Plane races in a pulp metropolis
  • Kids on soapbox cars
  • But also wizard races, post-apocalyptic rallies, bicycle races...
  • Find out about the full version here
9 unique Champions are also available in the full game, each with their own card and style. It is also possible to use these Champion cards to quickly define your character.

Final Lap is available in PDF format, in a Print'N'Play version. The cards are adapted to MTG cards sleeves for comfortable use.

I recommend that you print the Back pages in Black & White, and the Front pages in colour.

Only the full version of the game includes the PDF with the Settings and Champions illustrated and in color. I may also add in the future a PDF with the tuck box for your deck of cards, to print and cut yourself. Additional cards may also come in the future.

The text of the game Final Lap is available under CC-By-SA and Beerware license.

For the Queen™ is a trademark of Alex Roberts. The Descended From the Queen Logo is © Alex Roberts, and is used with permission.

Price: $0.00

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