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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Praedormitium (Zine Edition) $3.50

Praedormitium (Zine Edition):

Praedormitium (Zine Edition)
Publisher: Drowning Moon Studios

Named for the transition of wakefulness to sleep, Praedormitium is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the experience of lucid dreaming. Players portray Hypnopomps, characters born with the natural ability to manipulate the Realms of Dream. Praedormitium uses a deck of tarot cards as the basis of its resolution system, cooperative play, and the unlimited power of the DM and players' imaginations to build a cohesive narrative experience. Anything is possible in dreams, and the game can be as wild or whimsical, as dark or surreal as the players choose to make it. Characters' abilities, and the stories they are able to create with them, are as mutable as the very nature of dreams themselves.

This is a zine version of the game, which provides a basic overview of Praedormitium's core concept, character creation process, and all the rules required to play, in under ten pages. A character sheet is not included with this version, but may be forthcoming.

Price: $3.50

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