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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Strange Things Afoot role playing game $9.99

Strange Things Afoot role playing game: $9.99

Publisher: Point of Insanity Game Studio

Step into the world of Strange Things Afoot, a world where almost everything on the internet is true!

Set in the modern day, Strange Things Afoot draws influence from the world of creepy pasta and urban legends. Players in the campaign take the role of middle to high school age students who must struggle against supernatural beings known as tulpas. These are mysterious creatures that can only manifest in our reality when people believe in them and they use the internet as a way to spread that belief.

However, the power of belief can be a double edged sword! Players can turn belief against the tulpas to create weaknesses for their foes and perform rituals to give themselves an edge.

Strange Things Afoot includes nine character cliques, guidelines for running a campaign, sample rituals, and tools for creating supernatural creatures.

Currently, the product is available in portrait orientation. In the coming months the product will be updated to include a version in landscape orientation for easier viewing on a computer monitor.

Strange Things Afoot role playing game
Price: $9.99

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