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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Gunship RPG: Core Rulebook [Free]

Gunship RPG: Core Rulebook [Free]:

Gunship is a Sci-Fi tabletop RPG set in a gritty world of guns, spaceships, robots, and cowboys. Technology is futuristic but grounded with a future-plausible approach to worldbuilding.

Benefits of using Gunship in your roleplaying games:

  • The complete rules are freely available in both pdf and web form (gunshipsrd.com)
  • Combat in Gunship is designed to be engaging by minimizing the down-time between player turns
  • Gunship is setting-agnostic and can work well for a variety of Sci-Fi campaigns
  • The game has plenty of options for character customization
  •  An automated character sheet is available from the Gunship website and this character sheet is maintained first-party by the same people who developed the game
  • Gunship uses a d20 as a resolution mechanic, so the rules will feel familiar to anyone who's previously played 3.5, Pathfinder, 5E, or countless other RPG systems
Note: this is the free version of the Core Rulebook and the pdf does not contain art/illustrations. The illustrated version is exclusive to the Gunship Kickstarter.
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