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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

A Painted Self [Free]

A Painted Self [Free]:

A stream of consciousness journalling game about the alter egos of superheroes and super villains. Inspired by the moment where I realized I was a woman, by realizing that I could choose to be.


Superheroes, Magical Warriors, Phantom Thieves, Mech Pilots, there are many different genres of fiction that feature and explore a similar concept: the ability to change who you are. Put on a mask, and suddenly there is an opportunity to step into another self. To become someone you wouldn't or couldn't otherwise be. I wanted to write a game that would offer a chance to delve into these themes. To give room for toying with the possibility space of selfhood.

Even though my broader identity feels very set in stone now, exactly how I want to express that selfhood is up in the air for me. This game also comes from thinking about that. About the process of crafting personal aesthetic.

For 1 player.

Contains 7 parts, each a list of questions to jump off from.

Special thanks to Abe Mendes. Who helped me get over my anxieties about releasing this game.
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