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Monday, 13 July 2020

Osmond Ward $14.78

Osmond Ward: $14.78

Publisher: Connor Heighton

A Steampunk Heavy Weird West Tabletop RPG set in a Victorian era world plagued by intelligent undead, world ending weapons, magic, and gunsmoke.

Ah.... welcome. Kick off those dusty boots, will you? Listen to the tale of Osmond Ward, the City That Touched the Stars.

Our Story Begins in the year 1242. The war had finally ended, after close to two hundred years. The world was in grand and open celebration. Champagne and Beer flooded the streets and turned it gold, and men and women returned to their homes, tired, depressed, and alone in the world.

It is in this time that the Grand Engineer, Oma Fareen, unveiled the fruits of a hundred years of artificial life and isolation - Osmond Ward, a small city built into the mountains.

Over the next four hundred years, due to Oma's Prestige and her clockwork marvels, the city rapidly grew, twisting and turning in on itself, pressing ever upward and onward to the skies above.

You have just landed in Osmond Ward, in the year 1742. Spring has fallen upon Osmond Ward, and all sparkles and shines to greet the new day. That is but an illusion, however. Something dark lurks, far beyond the railways and well driven city streets. You can sense it on the winds, feel it in your bones. A long forgotten enemy stirs. This is how we begin.....

Welcome, Iron Walkers, to Osmond Ward.

As a system, Osmond Ward is meant to be run in a similar vein as other D20 Systems, with various modifications including an advantage and disadvantage based skill system, grit pools, Death as a balancing act, and more.

Osmond Ward is meant to be run by a party of 3 or 4 players and a Dungeon Master ("World Weaver"), newly coming off of DND or other d20 systems, but can be enjoyed by newbies and smaller parties as well. If the people in question have played a d20 system before, they will be aware of the more basic intricacies of this system, but there is many interesting bits and bobs that keep the game entertaining for the inquisitive mind.


Shall we begin our story?

Osmond Ward

Price: $14.78

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