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Saturday, 31 October 2020

A Modern Prometheus $10.00

A Modern Prometheus: $10.00
Publisher: Mitchell Salmon

A game by Mitchell Salmon

In each of us, there are two natures...
this primitive duality of man—good and evil...
It is the curse of mankind that these polar twins should be constantly struggling...
—Dr Henry Jekyll, from Jekyll and Hyde, the Gothic Musical Thriller

Content Warning: Body horror, violence.


A Modern Prometheus  is a gothic horror roleplaying game for 2 players based on the Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands framework by D. Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker (Lumpley Games).

Players take on the role of a scientist dabbling with dark forces at the edge of the natural sciences, and the creation that they bring to life as a consequence. Together, you and your partner will discover through play who is human, and who is monstrous.

You will take turns choosing from a list of minigames specific to your character to craft a shared story of science, vengeance, humanity, and rage. No two minigames are exactly alike. Use crafted prompts to guide your interactions as you explore the depths of your character, and discover their fate in the final confrontation between creator and creation.

Prepare for a emotional and horrific tale that only you and your chosen partner can tell.

This game is inspired by works like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and adaptations.



 2 Players

time.svg 1-2 Hours


 Ages 13+


No GM or preparation required



Gothic Horror


Science Fiction


Compete with a friend


Ask questions to find out what happens

book.svg Tell a story together

Stretch Goals

A Modern Prometheus is a finished game, but as we hit certain sales goals I will be able to afford to expand and improve it. All sales of A Modern Prometheus will contribute towards funding new art and minigames that will be added to every copy! If you purchase the game now, you'll receive all updates for free as they happen. It's like a Kickstarter, except you get the game right now!

If you like A Modern Prometheus, you can help hit these stretch goals by leaving a 5-star review to boost visibility, or sharing this page on social media with the hashtag #AModernPrometheus.

Current total: $60. Updated 17 Oct, 23:00 UTC

Locked - Expanded Art - $1200

At the first stretch goal, I will have recouped the cost of all the art, writing, and editing that it took to get this game up for sale, and be able to commission three new art pieces by Cara Tune, who did the awesome gothic art for the logo and page decorations. Cara is a fantastic artist based in Melbourne, Australia, and she has already brought such awesome creativity and gothic mood to A Modern Prometheus.

Locked - More Minigames - $1600

More will be announced when we get closer to the goal...

A Modern Prometheus

Price: $10.00

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