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Saturday 30 October 2021

Lawman: A Roleplaying Game About Interstellar Bounty Hunters And Shooting People For Money / $15.00

Lawman: A Roleplaying Game About Interstellar Bounty Hunters And Shooting People For Money / $15.00: Publisher: Critical Failure Game Studios

Lawman is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the far distant future year of AC 20406 (Nobody remembers what the AC stands for, nor does it really matter.) in the explored Galactic Core of Space. 

Old Urf, as it was known, and its originating systems have been lost to time, and now, pretty much everybody carries on like it never really existed, nor does it really matter at this point.

The descendants of humanity as we once knew it rose to near-transcendent heights of success, achieving wonders and things that we couldn't even begin to theorize throughout our millennia of existence - only to get ridiculously bored with our god-slaying scientific endeavors, and eventually fall into the pratfalls of another pseudo-dark age. (Who knew?)

When science and nerdy stuff fails, people regress back to the simpler, primal behaviors, such as 'being dumb' and 'often doin' crimes.' Such as the situation 20 years ago, when the last vestiges of idyllic utopian living were completely steamrolled to the sound of uneducated slobs fucking up the works for the rest of society.

As the looting and bedlam rage on, the local police forces, wracked with their own corruption and/or hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, are nearly powerless to affect the situation at large. Things are bad. 

Fortunately, corporate interests have our back, once again, good common folk. The Sirius Hypercorporation has invested a good share of last year's profits into an excellent marketing and branding campaign and has created a freelance bounty hunter program called LAWMAN. (You've seen the commercials.

Willing to hire literally almost anybody off the streets (with a comprehensive background and psychological screening, of course) to be employed as a badge-toting, no-nonsense takin' son of a gun ready to operate as an independently liable, semi-competent, part-time crime enforcement officer. 

Think of a (trademarked business of instant food delivery service) driver, except they've been given the authority to arrest perps.

When you're a LAWMAN, you get your own ship (registered privately under the company to you, Gud help you if you lose it.), your own team to work with, and an infinite list of baddies worth tracking down through all five sectors of the Galactic Core, each with a hefty price on their head for their malicious crimes.  Not to mention the requisite paperwork to cross interstellar lines and get away with nearly anything you need to do in order to capture your quarry and bring them back to a hoosegow.

Things are pretty good, as long as you maintain employment, that is.  Otherwise, that friendly crew of yours might stand to make a buck off you while you sleep. Or worse.

In short, Lawman exists to give players access to an easy to construct, overconfident badass with zero sense of impostor syndrome as you explore the cosmos, looking to break noses, bust kneecaps, crack ribs, fracture skulls, scream obscenities (and receive), and haul in riff-raff for the proverbial fat stack of cash-money that everybody needs for bills and luxuries and whatnot. 

And if that doesn't happen, the worst thing that can happen is a multitude of grisly, grotesque, awful ways to get killed on the soil of backwater worlds or in the fringes of deep space.


Lawman was inspired by some of the following things, and if you also like these things, you'll probably enjoy this game:  

  •  Cowboy Bebop. (because it's great without saying any more.)
  •  Trigun. (because it's great without saying any more. ) 
  •  Outlaw Star. (because it's great without saying any more. ) 
  •  Borderlands. (one at the time, although TWO really came and improved on it, and I'm not ready to talk about my feelings on three, yet.)
  •  Firefly. (because people still enjoy a single season of incomplete television twenty years later and for good reasons.) 
  •  Robocop. (for ultraviolence and the seething 80s satire.) 
  •  Judge Dredd. (Comics. and 2012. Same as above, and we're gonna ignore the Stallone movie for the most part.)
  •  Idiocracy. (yes, gets thrown around a lot, but it's probably the direction we're going as a society and a perfect representation of the humor. President Camacho is the perfect example of a Lawman character.)
  • and an old parody RPG that five of you may remember called HōL from Black Dog Games. (Mostly for the humor and style.)
Lawman: A Roleplaying Game About Interstellar Bounty Hunters And Shooting People For MoneyPrice: $15.00

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