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Monday 29 November 2021

Eldritch (2nd Edition) Player's Handbook—Beta Playtest / $5.00

Eldritch (2nd Edition) Player's Handbook—Beta Playtest / $5.00: Publisher: Crossroads Games

A narrative table-top RPG of "semantic design" featuring fast combat—a Story in Action; how you say it is how you play it! Cast any spell, wield any weapon desired, possess any power imagined. Players can quickly create detailed characters with rules that are easy to master and offer a lot of scope for clever and creative play. Eldritch Role-Playing 2nd Edition now includes character classes and associated feats for players to choose from. So sharpen your sword, gather your will, and summon your inner strength to prepare for a new game experience…

This is the "Beta Playtest" for the Player's Handbook. Feel free to contact me directly at dan@plyphyny.com with any questions, suggestions, or feedback. This is Pay What You Want, but all contributions help with additional art and development. This version will be removed when the final version is out. Look for the two other playtest volumes in the 2nd Edition series, coming soon, including the GM's Guide and the detailed yet adaptable campaign setting, known by sages as Ainerêve, where heroes fulfill their destinies in a world of dream, might, and magic. 

Eldritch (2nd Edition) Player's Handbook—Beta PlaytestPrice: $5.00

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