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Friday 31 December 2021

Decimation - World War II / $12.00

Decimation - World War II / $12.00: Publisher: Sleddog Games

Decimation bridges the gap between two types of games – wargames whose players often have scholarly levels of knowledge of military history, weapons, and tactics, and role-playing games, where a vicarious and fantastical sense of adventure drives the player’s every decision.

With tremendous respect to the pioneers and genres of tabletop gaming, I offer you Decimation, a Role-Playing Wargame (RPW) set in World War II, ideal for miniatures and models of 28mm or 1:72 scale. The game’s theme is a blend between classic, out-of-print, boxed wargames, modern wargaming miniature systems, and traditional pen-and-paper fantasy role-playing games.

You can utilize these rules for any scale of infantry models, figures, miniatures or armor you desire, enjoy collecting, painting, building, and of course, how much gaming space you have. Scale only dictates how we measure distance, not how we measure fun.

Decimation is unique. Instead of controlling large groups of units at a macro scale – divisions, brigades, regiments, battalions, companies, platoons, or squads as a single actionable unit, you control individual soldiers, called Soldier Characters. The number of soldier characters you play is up to you, but an ensemble cast around a squad-sized group captures the intensity and combat tactics of the infantryman. As a player, you make the decisions for each of your soldier characters on an individual basis leveraging their team-focused weapons, training, and tactics to maximize effectiveness.

Unlike war games, Decimation functions with a Referee whose responsibility is to prepare the world, scale maps, the mission, the scenario at hand, along with controlling the enemy forces the players encounter. This style of player-to-referee relationship is common among fantasy role-playing games and is essentially the same in Decimation. For the wargamer, well-versed in historical military squad tactics of the various major powers, you can breathe as much detail here you deem necessary to satisfy your idea of fun.

Decimation provides you a basic framework for character progression and combat. Embellish as you see fit, leaning more towards your fantasy role-playing game sensibilities or your wargamer’s passion for historical accuracy.

Decimation - World War IIPrice: $12.00

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