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Monday, 31 January 2022

The Bedroom Wall Press Collection [Free]

The Bedroom Wall Press Collection [Free]:


All in one place and finally on itch.io, the complete Bedroom Wall Press collection of tabletop roleplaying games is now available in one bundle, including:

  • Heaven's Shadow - demonic forces still lurk within our modern world, and you and your agency of assassins must hunt them down. Powered by Mini-Six.
  • Hulks and Horrors - the hit game of sci-fi dungeon crawling and space exploration. Can you survive the ruins of lost civilizations long enough to pay off your ship?
  • Arcana Rising - magic has returned to our world, and with it new gifts, and new threats. Seek out the lost artifacts of the ancient mages ... or just try to keep the vampires from taking over Tower Heights
  • Welcome to Neuro City - a glimpse at a possible cyberpunk fantasy future of the Arcana Rising world. Jailbreak your brain and fight the good fight against the corps, or just fight to survive the mean streets

H&H, AR, and NC are each powered by the same quick and easy H&H game system, inspired by the classic boxed set tabletop RPGs of old, and designed to be cross compatible, letting you mix and match and homebrew your way to all manner of sci-fi and fantasy adventures.

Also available in print from DriveThruRPG!

Historical Note: These works were originally published pseudonymously, and due to the difficulty involved in redesigning their covers at this late date, that name has been preserved. They have also not been edited for content since their original publication, and may still address some themes in ways the author might do differently today.

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