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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Mythic Hero - Fantasy RPG

Mythic Hero - Fantasy RPG:

Mythic Hero - Fantasy RPG
Publisher: Randwulf Publishing Inc.

Mythology tells us of heroes of all sorts. We read of Merlin and Arthur. We hear about how Beowulf fought Grendel. There is Cu Chulainn, Achilles, Lancelot, Robin Hood, Perseus, Mulan, Penelope, Finn, Hiawatha, Boudica, and many, many more. Heroes come from royalty or everyday life. Their backgrounds vary as much as they do. And everyone fantasizes about being one at some point in life. It is every child's dream to be a hero. And so now we have a role-playing game that lets us all become heroes... Mythic Hero!

Using a unique personality profile system and a percentile-based rules system, Mythic Hero comes complete with a new world system that has its own unique monsters and villains, largely based from European mythology.  With a combat system based in real-life Western Martial Arts (the writer founded the Academy of European Swordsmanship in 1994, Canada's oldest Western Martial Arts / HEMA school), Mythic Hero offers a realistic, yet simple method of doing combat.

And there is wizardry for the thinking player! Magic is based on the physical, the mental, and the spiritual; each offering something fun to choose from.  And with training and practice, one can learn any skill and combine careers, whether magical or mundane.

Come! Join the world of Mythic Hero!

Price: $9.76

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