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Thursday 29 November 2018

Sword & Scoundrel: Open Beta Document

Sword & Scoundrel: Open Beta Document:

Sword & Scoundrel: Open Beta Document
Publisher: Grand Heresy Press

Sword & Scoundrel is a player-driven role-playing game of passion, violence, and general skullduggery. It's a morality play presented as an HBO character drama, set against a backdrop of intrigue and swordplay in a dark fantasy Renaissance setting. It's a game where players declare what's most important to their characters and see it challenged through play. It's a game about seeing how far you will go, what lines you are willing to cross, and what (or who) you are willing to sacrifice for what you hold most dear.

The edition available here is part of an ongoing public beta test. The document is available free of charge, but if you find value in it you can support us by donating above. Funds donated will go towards buying art and other production expenses in preparation of a more complete product.

Thanks for your support.

Price: $5.00

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