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Sunday, 30 June 2019

OUB Core: Beta Playtest

OUB Core: Beta Playtest:

OUB Core: Beta Playtest
Publisher: Planarian

OUB Core is the rules set that powers Wandrils, a fantasy role-playing game setting in which players take on the role of skeletal amnesiacs struggling to adapt or escape from their exile in Oub; a mysterious extradimensional prison. This book focuses on how to use the rules developed for Wandrils in other fantasy settings on your own terms. It will only barely touch on the details of the Wandrils setting as not to spoil any secrets or changes your group may make to it.

OUB Core is adapted from classic fantasy RPG rules that are easy to pick up for new gamers and familiar to experienced ones. Most actions boil down to rolling as high as you can on a 20-sided die. The most prominent features all involve providing more fun and meaningful choices to players, as below:

  • Engaging combat: as combatants pass their next turns to each other, your turn can come at any time (p.30). Move? Attack? Cast a spell? Block a foe’s attack? Rally back into action? Grapple? Guard an ally? You have a rich array of options to enjoy.
  • Opt-in complications: gamble with the drama of adding good or bad twists to your Tests with Gambits (p.12). You choose when to place yourself at the mercy of your dice.
  • Creative characters: you decide where your character’s talents lie, what their skills are called, and what special perks they have to set them apart in their niche (p.14).
  • Drama support: enjoy scenes that are not all about fighting with a focus on social actions, chases, stealth, and even the benefits of fellowship with your allies.
  • Flexible magic: magic is available and viable for nearly all character concepts (p.50). How it is cast and what powers it is easily modified to fit a variety of different settings.
  • Conceptual Experience: decide for yourself what your own character did that earned them their rewards to advance in power.
This version is a “Beta Playtest,” so those who send in helpful and constructive feedback to the links provided earlier may be credited in the final version. Inside these pages rests an awful lot of public domain art and rules that have survived only some playtesting. Later versions will have far more content, examples of play, original art, and fancier layout and editing.

With your help, it could be amazing!

Price: $1.00

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