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Sunday, 30 June 2019



Publisher: Hanging Lantern LLP

A collaborative storytelling game that seat 5-12 players and takes about an hour to play.

In an old high school, in the back corner of a hallway that goes nowhere, there is a birdcage full of Nightingales. It has stood there for as long as anyone can remember; students pass the hallway without paying much attention, but the birds long to help those they see in need.

Sometimes, a Student, looking for a quiet place to be alone with their feelings, will duck into the secluded hallway, and confess their woes to the cage as the Nightingales listen. The Students speak a few sad words to their own introspection, their facial expressions visible to the Nightingales that watch tenderly from inside the cage. Their little hearts yearn to encourage the young Students, and they are eager to help.

The Nightingales work together using their individual limited vocabulary of known human words to deliver advice, inspiration, and support. Sometimes the Nightingales’ combined song is just what the Student needed to hear, but other times the Nightingales are not able to get the message together in time and have to sadly watch the human walk away. Regardless, the Nightingales remain ever vigilant to assist any Student in need.

In the game, the player representing the Student will face the cage of Nightingales and express their dilemma. The Nightingales, always willing to help the struggling Student, will try and piece together a song to the help the Student. It is important in this game to remember how you say something (intonation, emphasis, cadence, etc...) is just as important as word choice for the Nightingales.

During the game, each player will play the Student once and spend the rest of the game rounds playing as a Nightingale.

Price: $15.00

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