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Saturday, 31 August 2019

White Lies - Agency Attache $1.00

White Lies - Agency Attache:

White Lies - Agency Attache
Publisher: DwD Studios

In the White Lies RPG, players can equip their agents with three various upgradeable gear. Spies like gadgets. In the equipment chapter of the core rulebook there are specific upgrades available to weapons and vehicles to add spy features to them, making them unique while expanding the capability of the agent. The classic attache case should be no different. In this light supplement, agents can be provided or can purchase a new classification of gear: the Agency Attache.

What makes the attache unique isn't just that it can look like anything the player wishes (handbag, camera bag, tactical security backpack, even a classic briefcase). What makes the attache unique is that it can be equipped with any number of standardized agency upgrades, such as a knife dispensor, glider wings, zipline grapples, or can even be set to self destruct! Gadget up your agent with the Agency Attache.

This is a pay-what-you-want product. If you download it for free and find it useful, please consider supporting this and future similar Admin Toolkits, or make some of your own! The OGL is there for that reason.
Price: $1.00

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