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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Cyberpunks & Cadillacs $1.00

Cyberpunks & Cadillacs:

Cyberpunks & Cadillacs
Publisher: Rookie Jet

YOU ARE A CREW OF CYBERPUNKS TRAVELING VIA CADILLAC. A very dangerous highway; Route 99, waits ahead. With the GM behind the wheel, will you be able to survive this vicious stretch of road or succumb to the perils along the way?

Cyberpunks & Cadillacs is an incredibly simple game influenced by cyberpunk culture and designed to give players a quick dive into tabletop role-playing games. Originally created for the 200WordRPG contest, Cyberpunks & Cadillacs has since been developed into a microRPG that is easily digestible and fun to play with friends, in hotels, or at conventions with little preparation.


  • Beginner friendly
  • Little-to-no prep time
  • Card based narrative system involving both players and the GM
  • Cyberpunk feel and theme
Price: $1.00

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