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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Kitten Witches $6.99

Kitten Witches:

Kitten Witches
Publisher: Angry Hamster Publishing

You are all witch familiars. Well okay, witch familiars in training. Okay, okay! You’re a litter of kittens born to a witch’s familiar...

Kitten Witches is set in a world much like ours, except fairy tale creatures are real. These creatures aren’t ‘evil’ in the sense of being deliberately malicious, but they do prey on mortals for sustenance (dreams are delicious, nightmares even more so!) and occasionally tribute such as coins, teeth, or worship. They especially like to prey on mortal children, who are often disbelieved by the adults in their lives, and whose emotions are so wonderful.

This PDF provides fully functioning card-based mechanics, a printable kitten (character) sheet, and all the information you need to play Kitten Witches

Players: 3-6

GM: Yes

Time: Kitten Witches works both as a one-shot game, or ongoing campaign

Items: Two decks of standard playing cards (1 for kittens, 1 for the GM), kitten sheets

Price: $6.99

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