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Sunday, 22 August 2021

I Went to Japan Once [Free]

I Went to Japan Once [Free]:

You are a group of people who’ve just found out you’ve all been to Japan before and you’re all excited to talk about your trips. Who are you? Maybe you’re work colleagues, attend the same class, or are strangers at a wedding. 

I Went to Japan Once 一度日本に行った is a co-operative storytelling game where players use a deck of playing cards to receive prompts about a fictional trip to Japan. Players take it in turns to share stories about their trips, adding in details based on the suit of the card drawn, and questions other players ask.

Solo Traveller - includes a variant for solo journaling play.

Designed by James Lennox-Gordon
Background Photo by 
Alexandre Debiève
Other images by the designer

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